Coaches at camp

Our priority is to continue to contribute to the growth of our sports and their coaches. Several internships will be offered each summer. The training courses given to coaches over the last few summers have been a remarkable success, and rest assured that it will be the same this summer!

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SE & Training

SE program

The Coaching Education Experience (SE) is valued at $585 per week (taxes not included). This package allows club coaches to come to CampsRep to gain relevant experience in manual assistance. In addition, they will be able to deepen their understanding with the help of our facilities and the knowledge of our varied staff. In addition to attending evening training classes and clinics on different subjects, S.E.'s are also called upon to "coach" 30 hours in the chameleon to maximize their learning with the athletes. 

S.E.'s are paired with a G.E. (coach with several years of camp experience) who will be able to answer any questions, if necessary. The GE is responsible for ensuring that the goals of the S.E. are met. In addition, the head coach is also available to guide and answer questions from the SE.


Apply directly on our site to be SE with your club in our career page. 

Evening training

Every week at GymRep Gymnastics Camp, we offer clinics as well as evening training sessions. These sessions and clinics are given by our guest specialist coaches and S.E.'s are invited to participate. The schedule as well as the cost will be published prior to the beginning of the camps. The training clinics are approximately 1h30 long. The training repertoire is varied, and we cover important subjects, both in terms of techniques, theory as well as practice such as: manual assistance, biomechanics, physical preparation or the development of different movements with all types of equipment.

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RepAcademie Program

You are passionate about gymnastics, cheerleading, dance or acrobatic parkour, and you would like to finish your athletic career by becoming a coach. If you are between 16 and 18 years old, this is the program for you. We have created RepAcademy to train aspiring athletes to become coaches. All you need to do is send us your resume and a cover letter stating your interest in joining this program. Tell us why you would be the perfect person to be part of RepAcademy. 


The Aspirant program runs for three consecutive weeks during the summer. The first week, you will come as an athlete, at no cost*! In the next two weeks, you will assist the team as a coach-in-training. During these two weeks, you will develop the skills required to become a great coach. This program combines sport, fun and an emphasis on learning gymnastic and acrobatic skills. It will allow you to take your first steps in the world of coaching, all housed and fed during your stay. At the end of the week of training, you will receive a diploma attesting to the various training courses you have taken. 


*The two weeks as an apprentice coach must be completed. Otherwise, a fee for the week as an athlete will be required.