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DanseRep is our newest addition to the CampsRep family and is the largest dance camp with an outdoor training site in Canada. We are the only dance camp to offer an on-site outdoor gym, flying trapeze, catapult and Wipe-Out area.


Your children spend a week with us. We guarantee 30 hours of training per week. 


Our professional and passionate team will do everything possible to give your children an experience they will not soon forget, and that is only possible at our dance camp. 


Our program

Dance Rep

Our program focuses on dance as well as acrobatics by maximizing the dancers' training time. Athletes will do 30 hours of dance and acrobatics in addition to outdoor activities.


This program consists of a morning workout and an afternoon workout, interspersed with an outdoor activity session. 

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April 30, 2021


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May 1, 2021


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